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Why to choose us?

Why to choose us?

Glutenless Gourmet Core Values

Our core values are built around three of the most important traits that drive productivity, profitability, and sustainability. They are character, competence, and commitment.


We operate within an open business environment where honest communication is encouraged and honest differences of opinions are allowed. Where day to day operations are managed based on sound business principles and in the most ethical manner. Where employees are treated like family and obstacles are viewed as opportunities for improvement.


Our competence is in the production of gluten free natural foods. This industry segment is quickly evolving and so will we in order to sustain and successfully competence in this environment. We promise to:

  • Continually innovate to better our product offering
  • Continue to learn and educate employees on the best practices to achieve goals
  • Promote leadership, creativity, and decision making to achieve an optimal balance between flexibility and control


We are committed to strive for excellence in all dealings surrounding our business activities as well as the environment.

  • Gluten Free: We take your health and our commitment of manufacturing gluten free foods very seriously. This is why our facility is 100% dedicated to gluten free production to give everyone a piece of mind of any cross contamination concerns.
  • Naturally Healthy: We are strong believers that great taste comes from quality ingredients. That is why all of our foods are made exclusively from natural/wholesome, raw, gluten free ingredients. Not only does this make them delicious but also nutritious making living on gluten free diet a lot easier and happier.
  • Customer Service: We believe and are committed to customer service excellence. An organizational reputation and sustainability begins with building strong relationships/alliances with customers, suppliers, and retailers. Our promise to you is to exceed your expectations each and every time we conduct business by proving excellent customer service.
  • Environmental Sustainability: We believe in natural products and environmental sustainability.  We remain focused on insuring all company operations are executed in environmentally friendly ways. These include using eco-friendly equipment, materials, energy safe products, and proper recycling procedures. We believe this is an essential part of conducting business to ensure a safe and healthy planet for many generations to come.
  • Employee Retention: We believe that our employees are our number one asset. Even the most excellent business idea cannot be executed without loyal and trusted employees. We promise to provide our employees with a workplace that is safe, free from any type harassment, discrimination, and provides an opportunity for personal career growth.
  • Gluten Free Lifestyle Awareness and Education: We are committed to supporting and educating those that are affected by celiac disease and gluten intolerance as well as the general public by providing important information and links on GG’s website and participation in various nonprofit organizations and charities that support such causes.



Glutenless Gourmet is a family owned and operated, proudly Canadian, gluten free food manufacturer, catering to this specific dietary and nutritional population segment in Ontario, Canada.


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